North Florida Association for the Education of Young Children

NFAEYC is the North Florida Affiliate of the Early Childhood Association of Florida The National Organization is NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children)

We serve Northern Florida: AKA "The Great North"

The 2016 Board members are:

 Charlene Gross --President

Theresa B Levy --Co-President

 Darlene Mary Siebeneck --Past-President

 Maria Luna --Treasurer, Past-President

 Bill Ganza --Accreditation Chair

 Mary Anne Adams --Public Policy Chair

 Blanche Turner --Membership

 Jennifer Barrera --Corresponding Secretary

 Alva Isaac --Past-President

Mission Statement-
The mission of the North Florida Association for the Education of Young Children is to promote the quality of life, learning and care of young children through leadership, advocacy, and development of its members in order to enhance their work on behalf of young children and their families.
 Vision statement
The quality of life for the North Florida’s children and their families will improve through access to outstanding early learning environments and services.
 Value Statement:
Compassion, mutual support and integrity guide the NFAEYC to provide educational opportunities and to increase public awareness of issues and concerns that effect young children and their families.  The NFAEYC is dedicated to professionalism among staff and excellence in quality early education.


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